America's Bodyshop

The Premiere Collision Shop that Paints Cars.

Maaco is the collision shop that paints cars. We do it all, and just as importantly, give you more value than anyone else can. By bringing your car to Maaco, North America’s Bodyshop, you benefit from our experience, buying power, management systems and continual technical training.

Austin-area residents rely on our locally owned store for every kind of collision, bodywork and painting repair. We tailor every customer’s auto repair investment to save provide the greatest value for their situation. Whether you need to economically return a damaged new car to showroom condition or restore an older vehicle’s original appearance, we have repair and pricing options that make sense for you.

Please stop by to see first-hand the broad range of services we provide for vehicles as diverse as, say, a brand new Lexus, a 12-year-old Ford and a U.S. Postal van.

From microrepair to a couple of dents, to collision repair, to an overall paint on an older car, MAACO does it all -- faster, better and cheaper.

Whole Car Painting

Why do people paint their whole car?

Sometimes, it’s because the elements have noticeably aged a vehicle. Its surface is faded, shows cracking or peeling, or doesn’t shine or wax up anymore. Many times, a vehicle runs really well and is in good shape, so its owner wants to keep it looking good for four or five more years.

Some Maaco customers want to get more money when selling their vehicle, or get it sold quicker. Others are giving a car to a family member. Whatever your reason, we have all kinds of approaches for painting your vehicle. With more than 10,000 auto paint colors in quality formulations that range from high-grade enamel to single-stage urethane to basecoat/clearcoat urethane, Maaco provides the price and quality you want for your car.

Besides painting, Maaco has always done expert auto body repair work. We straighten metal, fix dents, repair dings, replace parts and eliminate rust.

How can your Maaco body shop do all this for just a fraction of the price of other shops? We can charge less because we do more auto paint jobs than anyone else. Each Maaco body shop paints many cars every week, which lowers our auto paint and auto body repair cost per car. And no one can match our buying power on materials.

Why We Spot Paint

The Cost of Spot Painting

People generally get their cars painted for one of two reasons: An old auto paint finish that's tired, dull, cracked or chipped calls for painting the entire car. If the auto paint finish is fine, we can help maintain resale value by repairing only the damaged areas and then matching them to the existing surface.

In spot painting, a multiple masking process ensures an accurate blending of the new and old auto paint, and protects the undamaged areas of your car's finish.

Spot painting requires a special multi-step application process to ensure a quality blending of the new and old auto paint finishes. This blending process requires we sequentially blend up to three separate applications beyond the original area. A clearcoat is applied to ensure an accurate gloss match and a seamless, durable auto paint repair.

Quality, Seamless Auto Body Repair

Best Auto Body Shop Practices…For Less!

Maaco provides high-quality, seamless repairs. We can do the job faster than an independent body shop, and at a far less cost than our competitors. An independent study* found that, on average, customers pay a third less for auto body repair at Maaco, which is especially important when you pay out of pocket. With Maaco, you'll be driving your car again sooner, with more money in your wallet.

Each Maaco body shop uses original-equipment replacement parts, but we can offer quality aftermarket cosmetic panels and other ways to economize. That's especially important if you elect not to refer the repair to your insurance company.

Collision Insurance Work Made Easy

Making the entire collision repair process easy for you…It's what we do, thousands of times a day. Having an auto accident can be stressful, but Maaco helps take away the pain, and delivers you a car that has regained its original beauty, handling and performance.

Even though Maaco specializes in helping people with “out of pocket” pay arrangements, we also do lots of insurance work. We work with every major carrier, every day.

If making a claim is your best course of action, we’ll contact the insurance company and arrange for an appraiser to inspect your car. We’ll also arrange for a low-cost car rental. And most importantly, we’ll work with the insurer to get the repair done right. Your vehicle will handle as it did before the accident and maintain its value.

Making the entire process easy for you... It’s what we do, thousands of times a day.

We Specialize In:

  • Total car painting
  • Collision repair
  • Auto body work

You can Trust the Austin Auto Body Repair Shop

If you own a vehicle, you know there’s always the chance of an accident. It can leave your car, truck, van or SUV with serious damage or if you’re lucky just a few dings and scratches. Some people may be content to drive around with a torn bumper or scraped fender but if you take pride in your car or truck you know it’s not something you want to do for very long. If the accident was severe the damage to your vehicle may go beyond just what you can see making it unsafe to drive. But no matter the extent of the damage you’ll want a dependable Austin auto body shop to do the repairs.

You might choose to pay out of pocket to protect your insurance rates if you just want to have some scratches buffed out or minor fender damage repaired. But if the damage is extensive you’ll need to put in a claim with your insurance company. They may try to convince you to use a specific auto body shop but it’s important that you know that you can choose the shop you want to use. You can take your vehicle to whichever Austin auto body shop you feel will do the best job.

Austin Auto Body Repair Shop: Offering Expert Repairs

Due to the complexity of modern vehicles and the sophisticated combination of resins, and other additives that make up the paints, auto body technicians need to be trained in the entire automotive repair process to make your vehicle repair a complete succ The Austin auto body shop will write up a detailed estimate for the cost of all repairs after a careful examination of your vehicle. The parts they use may be new original equipment manufacture (OEM) or they may be used parts. A lot depends on how old your car or truck is and how easy it is to find the parts. The Austin auto body shop will usually explain what type of parts they’re using and why.

You need to keep in mind that in many cases the damage may be worse than it looks on the outside. Any type of collision damage can knock the alignment out of balance and if this isn’t repaired correctly not only will it make the new parts difficult to refit but it could be potentially unsafe. The Austin auto body shop will use printed service manuals as well as computerized information and special equipment to check the measurements of specific areas of your vehicle during the repair process to verify that it is within the necessary tolerance level.

You’ll need to be patient because the Austin auto body shop can be a busy place. While your car is in the shop, they may find hidden damage and will need to get authorization from the insurance company before they can continue with the repairs. Unexpected labor can mean you’ll have to wait a little longer to get your vehicle back but the Austin auto body shop’s main priority is making certain you get back a vehicle that is repaired to specifications and is safe for you to drive.

The Austin Auto Body Shop Provides Professional Service

The Austin auto body repair shop is ready to paint your vehicle once the structural and surface damage is repaired. The good looks of your car or truck depends on the quality of the paint job. The repaired areas are sanded and primed and the sections that aren’t going to be painted are masked off with tape and paper to protect them from over-spray. Your vehicle is then placed inside a paint booth, where the Austin auto body repair shop will paint the repaired parts to match the rest of the body.

After your car or truck is painted, any new windshield or side glass that might be needed is installed and all the trim parts are replaced. The Austin auto body repair shop will check the alignment if the suspension was damaged in the collision. The paint job will be examined closely for any imperfections and your vehicle will then be given a thorough detailing. To make certain that the repairs meet the necessary specifications the Austin auto body repair shop will do one final inspection. You may need to sign some final paper work but you’re only minutes from getting your vehicle back.

Austin Auto Body Repair Shop: Building Trust

Of course an auto accident may not be your only reason for taking your car, truck or SUV to the Austin auto body repair shop. They are experts at buffing out those scratches or pulling out the smaller dents and dings you can get from backing into the garage or misjudging the distance of that sign post. They can also repair rusted areas that can make your car look older than it is. If you have a problem and you’re wondering if the Austin auto body shop can take care of it, just ask. They’ll be able to help you decide just what your car, truck or SUV needs.

A dependable Austin auto body repair shop establishes its good name by making customers happy. They work every day with people just like you, taking the bad experience of a damaged vehicle and giving you a successful outcome. The Austin auto body repair shop, its expert repair technicians and staff all combine to determine the type of experience you have. You don’t need to understand the procedure involved in returning your vehicle to pre accident condition. How well your vehicle looks and drives and how you were treated as a customer is what’s important. You can feel confident that the friendly staff and skillful technicians of the Austin auto body repair shop are all working to put you behind the wheel again.

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